FlexMami & Mirrah


Lillian Ahenkan aka Flex Mami, has established herself as an integral part of Australia’s youth and urban culture since 2015.

As the ultimate multidisciplinary millennial in media; her experience and skills in national television presenting, interviewing, radio hosting, writing, music, beauty and fashion are highly sought after.

Also carving out a career with her much-loved DJ-ing prowess, FlexMami refuses to be limited by confines.

Born and raised in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Flex Mami is especially passionate on bringing conversations of identity and intersectionality to mainstream environments – all about making sure everyone has the tools necessary to “glow up”.


Born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Mirrah is half Indonesian, half African American, adopted at 4 months old to an Irish New Yorker and an Australian.

Having grown up in between California and Sydney, Mirrah dons multiple hats not only as a Musician, but a Radio Host, Poet, Rapper, Vocalist and is a recent graduate in Youth Work Services.

2000 – 2005, Mirrah based herself in Los Angeles featuring in multiple music video clips for some of Hip Hop and R&B music’s multi-award winning artists.

Now living in Sydney, Mirrah spends her time using her voice as one for reason and change – whether that is through her music or youth work.